Windows and Doors (Marvin, Thermo Tech, and more.)

In our experience we have found that it doesn't pay to install an inferior product when it comes to the comfort and the efficiency of your home. We are lucky to have two of the best window manufactures in the world right in our back yard. Marvin in Warroad, and Thermo Tech in St. Cloud. In these economic times, why not support our local businesses. We have 100% confidence in these products and are sure our clients will be 100% satisfied as well. Take advantage of "The American Recovery Act" and receive up to $1500 in tax credits on your next window project!

Decks & Porches

Deck construction involves selecting and working with a variety of building materials. In the past your choices were limited to pressure treated wood, cedar, or redwood. Today you now have several different options to choose from. The options range from composite decking made from recycled plastics to a wide variety of domestic lumber. You may be trying to accomplish a certain look or cut down on maintenance.

Deck materials must be able to withstand the powerful forces of nature over years of exposure to the elements. Factors such as severe temperature changes, intense sun, rain, snow, and wind will put any material to the test of longevity. Deck materials must also be strong; how can you be sure a material will be able to support the loads exerted on it and pass building inspections? And on top of everything else most people want their deck to be attractive and compliment their house and landscaping.

Custom Built Pergolas and Arbors

Take full advantage of your patio or back yard all summer long, even on those hot days. We can help create a shaded get away. A pergola gives the feel of a room, but still provides the enjoyment of the outdoors. A pergola or arbor can also be the center piece of your landscape or garden that you've been looking for.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our services include kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling as well as designing other rooms including lower levels, offices and entertainment centers.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling projects are generally among the most efficient and affordable types of home remodeling projects. They're also a proven way to substantially increase the value of your home. Whether you're installing new tile flooring, a walk-in shower, or new sinks and countertops, a well-planned bathroom remodeling job can work wonders. Of course, making the right decisions can seem like a challenge at first, but by considering these steps and working with a licensed contractor, anyone can enjoy a successful bathroom remodel.

Major Renovations & Additions

Additions are easier on you as the construction zone can usually be isolated from the rest of the house. However, services such as water, electric, and heat will be disrupted periodically and dust and debris are constant companions. Let us minimize those inconveniences; we know how since we have lived through them ourselves.

Basement Finishing

While basement renovations are not as disruptive as other work since the area can be isolated, many times there are situations which will be inconvenient for you. Noise, landscape damage, safety, and people in your home require you to select a Contractor who will have respect for you and your home.

Other Services: Custom Garages, Siding, Attic Space